Update – Blogging in 2014

Hello! My blog has suffered a bit of neglect over Christmas and New Year, sorry blog! I’m hoping to get back on track for 2014, and have a few different posts planned. I think my blog is going to take a bit of a different direction this year, I still want to focus quite heavily on books, but I am also going to have some content relating to heritage, travel and lifestyle. 2014 currently a bit of an uncertain year for me, I’ll be finding a new job, but so far I don’t know what, where or when, which is scary but exciting! I also have lots of travel in store, so I’d like the blog to reflect what I’m doing in my day-to-day life. I do read everyday, but sometimes it can take a while to get through a book, and I don’t want to only be able to post after finishing a book.

I was thinking of setting myself a reading goal for 2014, I was tempted on reading something like 100 books. But I didn’t want to set myself something unrealistic that I would feel bad about breaking. So I am going to aim to just continue setting aside a good amount of time to explore the books I love. In a way, for me, there is no value in setting myself a numeric target, as I am hugely flakey when it comes to books. If I start a book and it’s not doing it for me, I put it down and move on. I do feel some guilt if I have bought the book instead of borrowing it from the library, and currently have a pile of seven books on my bedside table that I have dipped in and out of! But reading should of course be enjoyable.

I am currently enjoying reading ‘You Can Beat Your Brain’ by David McRaney, which is the follow-up to ‘You Are Not So Smart.’ I love books like this, that make us realise just how wonderfully imperfect we all are, and that that’s ok.

I’m looking forward to blogging in 2014 – Happy New year Everyone, and happy reading! 🙂