Lucy Worsley speaks about Murder at Octagon Theatre, Sheffield

I don’t know how Lucy Worsley does it, she has managed to produce several successful books and TV programs while also having one of the coolest day jobs going, as Chief Curator of Historic Royal Palaces. I am a big fan of Lucy Worsley. I love history, and Lucy makes history fun and inviting to a wide audience. For a while now I have been an avid watcher of her TV programs, and when I saw that she was going to be giving a talk in Sheffield I knew that I couldn’t miss it. Luckily my friend Laura is a big fan too. So on Saturday evening we set off for Sheffield.

When we arrived, my eyes widened when I saw how many people were there – 600 fans filled the theatre. I knew she was popular but I definitely expected it to be a smaller audience! When she appeared on stage, a wave of excitement spread. Lucy is currently sporting a new ‘do, so her first words were ‘hello, you may have noticed that I have new hair.’ Apparently, it was either a fringe or a tattoo – so she went for the fringe.

Lucy spent about an hour discussing the British fascination with murder throughout a few different time periods. She is a skilled communicator and delivered her speech with ease and eloquence, peppered with some rather amusing slide show images. She spoke about famous murder cases, such as the gruesome ‘red barn’ murder, and how scenes inspired by this had been made into pottery figures and used as conversation starters to ‘really get the party started’.

After her talk was over, I dashed to the book stall to buy a copy of ‘If Walls Could Talk’ so I could get it signed. Laura had brought along ‘Courtiers: The Secret History of the Georgian Court’. We ran to the join the signing queue, which quickly became rather long. Despite having a long queue to get through, Lucy was happy to take pictures and have a little chat with everyone. Lucy was so nice when Laura and I got to the front, I think we were both a bit star struck and we definitely let out a few squeals once we had left (we were cool enough to leave before doing that!).

I left being even more of a Lucy Worsley fan than I was when I entered. I can’t wait to read my new book!


One thought on “Lucy Worsley speaks about Murder at Octagon Theatre, Sheffield

  1. Hi Lauren! I’m a big fan of Lucy’s too. I plan to read If walls could talk soon. I look forward to reading your review.

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